Caddieku Golf GPS

Caddieku is application for your personal golf caddie. This is a golf GPS range finder and score card application for Android devices. It is FREE to download without any advertising banner. It contains over 30,000 golf courses around the world. Golf course can be downloaded offline to your android phone. You can get the distance to the front, center and back of each green and also locate the hazard, bunker, etc. With new google map API, you can rotate and/or turn the map into 3D map using your finger.



Human Resource Information System

Human Resource Information System (HaRIS) is a strong human resources information system enables organization to effectively record and manage employees activities such as attendance, leave, business trip, employee development, including salary calculation for payroll.

HaRIS empowered management with the tools to manage the employment using information technology in cost effective way. The system provides instant access to personnel information, attendance records, and salary components. It’s built on web-based technology where organization could have the advantage of easy to access and maintenance.


Syndeo ERP

SyndeoERP is an end to end ERP solution. Built on web-based environment, SyndeoERP accessible using any Internet browser on any platform, Windows - MacOS - Android - IOS. It helps you automate and integrate all functions and processes within your organization. It allows your staffs to collaborate with pre-designed workflow and minimize the use of paper. Since the application built on web-based environment, it offers freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a browser button, which allow business owner or managers or even staffs to gain access to the system, yet secure.


GPS Tracking System

Nowadays, small-medium-enterprise corporate realizes the need of constant control of their asset. We have developed a comprehensive GPS tracking software that easy to use. With our web tracking application, you can start your own platform to tracks as a corporate who wants to take advantages from GPS tracking or as GPS tracking provider company.

Cross Browser Compatible

It's developed to work on any internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. It even works on smartphones.


Customized Software Development

As a software company, Icon Media develop customized software for other companies in accordance with the needs of the company. We experienced in developing custom applications that worked for companies and government agencies. With our expertise in all platform and programming language, we believe that your requirement can be delivered satisfactorily. We provide customized in web and/or mobile platform. Our developers has expertise in PHP and ASP.NET for the web platform and Android, BlackBerry and iOS for mobile platform. With our experience, we believe that Ikon Media is the choice for your customized development destination.

School Information Application Portal

School Integrated Application Portal (SIAP) is a web-based application for educational institution/school to manage day to day operation. SIAP offers end to end solution that covers student management, student performance records, inventory management, finance and accounting system. 

School Integrated Application Portal (SIAP), an application that is specially built to help you manage school efficiently.


Mobile Application Development

We provide customized mobile application development. With our experiences in designing and releasing application for the public market, we believe our solution will satisfy your requirement.