GPS Tracking System

Nowadays, small-medium-enterprise corporate realizes the need of constant control of their asset. We have developed a comprehensive GPS tracking software that easy to use. With our web tracking application, you can start your own platform to tracks as a corporate who wants to take advantages from GPS tracking or as GPS tracking provider company.

Cross Browser Compatible

It's developed to work on any internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. It even works on smartphones.

It's developed to work on any internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. It even works on smartphones

Order Management

Track down your order history. Integrate-able with your core business application to manage orders.

Vehicle Tracking Screens

We developed the application to suit the way you want to track your vehicles at your convenience. There are two main screen available, the one with everything on screen, and the other one to suit for larger number of vehicles.

Fleet Maintenance Record

Simple way to maintain fleet maintenance histories.

Interactive Dual Screen Support

Best for command or dispatch center.


Manageable Landmarks

Create friendly names with polygon or circle area on map for easy position identification.



Speeding Report.
Speeding Report
Trip Report.
Utilization Report.

List of Features

  • Web-based application. Clients only need internet browser to access the application
  • User-friendly application. It only take few minutes for the users to get to know all around application
  • History playback that shows vehicle routes within a period of time
  • Google map integration with lots of features from Google API
  • Place of interests, you can define your own interests
  • Landmark management, you can easily mark some areas that use-full to see on the reports
  • Detail information, we call right pane, you can easily click a vehicle on the map and the right pane will display detail information of the current position. It also have buttons so you can easily send commands to the vehicle such as Get Position (To get current position), Unlock Doors, Disable Car and others
  • Pop-up event alert, the application will pop-up a small window when defined event occurs
  • Speeding report, you can define your own threshold to view speeding reports.
  • Mileage report, view the utilization of the vehicles start from 00:00 to 23:59 in hourly basis
  • Fuel consumption report, based on the parameter defined in every vehicle, you can calculate the estimate of fuel consumption for all vehicles
  • Dual screen support, its an innovation for a web-based application that support dual screen. It is part of our control center module which best for control room or command center to manage larger amount of vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance module, enable corporates to take control of vehicles maintenance records
  • Auto time zone. Vehicles are freely travel through different timezone, the application will automatically calculate for the right time adjustment
  • Message center module, an integration with MDT feature which come with the GPS tracker devices, the module let you to send and receive text messages from the vehicle
  • Nearest unit locator, a module to locate the nearest unit in defined location
  • Access Control List enables you to give access user to view all features or only certain features and limited to only few vehicle groups
  • SHEMON (System Health And Monitoring), a value added desktop application for your GPS tracking server to monitor all GPS tracking activity and reports when problems occurs
  • One of our vision is to create business that understand you. We can customize the application to meet your needs.