School Information Application Portal

School Integrated Application Portal (SIAP) is a web-based application for educational institution/school to manage day to day operation. SIAP offers end to end solution that covers student management, student performance records, inventory management, finance and accounting system. 

School Integrated Application Portal (SIAP), an application that is specially built to help you manage school efficiently.

The challenges and competition to provide better school demands school administrators to perform every operations in an efficient manner. SIAP is the answer for school administrators to take the advantage of information technology. SIAP is a web-based application that supports school owners to run a school or even multi-school. SIAP enable you to record all students activity performances, achievement, library activity, and even financial records and financial statements.

SIAP helps school administrators in controlling students tuition, manage school spending, and generate financial report to the Foundation or the owners will be much easier and faster.

SIAP records all student performance scores, schedules, teacher management, attendance including student payment records. School administration staff also enable to record all expenses integrated to financial and accounting reports. School is very fast intuitive application that enable school administration staff to generate report with just a few clicks.

SIAP, your application to manage your school in the way it should be done.

Key Features

Academic Module
  • Classroom Management
  • Students Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Teaching Roaster
  • Extra Curriculum
  • Subject Management
  • Student Score Configuration
  • Student Character Configuration
  • Student Score Weight Management
  • Parents Portal
  • Student Performance Recording
  • Student Mutation
  • Student List Report
  • Student Performance Report


Finance Module
  • Student Payment Records
  • Cash-In Transaction
  • Cash-Out Transaction
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Cash Mutation Report
  • Student Overdue Reports
  • Student Payment Reports


Library Module
  • Asset Category
  • Book Catalog
  • Borrow/Returning Transaction
  • Transaction Reports


Accounting Module
  • Chart of accounts
  • Budget
  • Fix Asset Management
  • Custom Report Management
  • General Journal
  • Fix Asset depreciation calculation
  • Closing Journal
  • Goods mutation verification
  • Budget Report
  • General Ledger Reports
  • Trial Balance Reports
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
Inventory Module
  • Warehouse management
  • Inventory
  • Finish good management
  • Good Receive/Usage
  • Stock Opname
  • Inventory Closing Journal
  • Stock Card
  • Inventory Mutation Report


Purchasing Module
  • Supplier
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Payable Transaction
  • Purchase Requisition Reports
  • Purchase History Reports
  • Purchase Order Reports


Sales Module
  • Point of Sales
  • Sales Report


Human Resources & Attendance
  • Working Calendar & Shift
  • Employees
  • Contract Employee Management
  • Attendance & Overtime Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Teacher and Staff Attendance
  • Attendance Calculation Process
  • Payroll


E-mail & SMS Gateway Module
  • SMS Configuration
  • E-mail Configuration
  • SMS Broadcast
  • E-mail Broadcast
  • Auto SMS Configuration